Waiting upon the Lord

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

My boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment in Fort Lee, NJ on November 19th, 2021.  It was a very hectic day as moving days often are!  The move involved moving my boyfriend’s things from his apartment in Hoboken, NJ to the new apartment in Fort Lee, with a stop along the way to Cubesmart to clear out all of my items from the storage unit I rented there for over a year.  Then with all of our belongings on the truck, the movers and my boyfriend headed to the new apartment in Fort Lee, where I was already waiting.  I got to the new apartment first because Macy’s was also on their way to deliver a new couch! Everyone and everything eventually converged that day in Fort Lee!

We purchased this apartment in December 2020 and amazingly, it was not until almost a year later that we finally moved in.  The long wait involved mainly finding the right contractor who could check off all of the strict requirements of the management office of the new apartment building, in order to do the renovation work, and then waiting for the contractor and his crew to complete the work before we could move in. We looked into a number of contractors before we found a person to fit the bill!

As my boyfriend and I continue to settle into our new home and neighborhood, I’ve been able to reflect on all that has happened in these several months.  Waiting has been a major theme! This includes waiting to move into the new apartment, and waiting on getting a new, full-time, permanent job. 

Getting a new job has actually taken even longer than waiting to move into the new apartment!  I lost my permanent job in the middle of June 2019.  My job at JPMorgan Chase was relocated to Tampa, Florida, but I could not move with it.  Since being laid off, I was covered by unemployment insurance, and eventually found hourly contract work at a couple of other banks to keep me going.  During this time, I applied for full time positions, including in the federal government.  Finally, last week, I received a tentative offer from a regulatory agency of the government. The agency is running background and reference checks before giving an official offer.  God is great! Praise the Lord!

I think about “waiting” and feel like a pro at it!  Waiting does not mean sitting around and doing nothing.  For me, waiting means helping my own cause and doing what I am able to do to move things along, such as trying to finding a new job or finding the right contractor.  I can attest that the process can be arduous and lengthy, and at the same time, I believe in what I am doing and I know that my efforts will bear fruit.  During all of these months, I have been helping myself and trusting in the Lord.  God does things in his own time.  He hears, listens and is all knowing. He will come through and come through BIG.  We simply need to believe in ourselves, our efforts and wait Upon the Lord. We will not be weary and our strength will be renewed.


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  1. We don’t like to wait, but it is the waiting where the end result is made and enhanced. We do what we can during this waiting period and trust in our faith for the end result. Nice post!

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