As Mary Moves On…

From that fateful day
Of a special kind of impregnation
When she first knows,
That the seed of a life  
Has been planted
Has taken hold
Of her body  
Of her mind
Of her spirit

As Mary moves on.. Into day after day
Of a not necessarily special kind of gestation
That pulses
That flows
That throbs
In the pleasure of knowing
In the apprehension of knowing
That the seed of a could be remarkable life
Has a firm grip
On her body In her mind
Within her spirit.

As Mary moves on… Into the final days
When the spirit has quickened  When the being within
Has fluttered and stretched To make room
To generate connections To create together
From the life from a seed
That will inspire faith to reside in
Her body
Her mind
Her spirit

As Mary stops, releases, settles… Alterations without
Alterations within Donates her being
Her body
Her mind
Her spirit
To nurture and supply nature
For the long ago seed
To unfurl into flower
And, ultimately,
Into delectable fruit of the most sturdy vine.

By Susan B Ceely Philips

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