A Gift of Time in Darkness

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

On a recent advent blog, I shared my feelings of being on a ferris wheel, going round and round, hoping to find a way to make it stop, so that I can step off again.

Well, the ferris wheel stopped for me and my family this past October. My mom transitioned to be with her Lord after a serious and unexpected illness. It was devastating for us, but in hindsight God gave us a ‘gift of time in the darkness’ while walking a dark valley. In a very challenging time, we had the opportunity to spend a week with her in the hospital, while being hopeful, together and in prayer. After a few days, we knew the inevitable would come. We ensured that our dearest mom was comfortable and sat with her daily. On her last day, the family all gathered around, sang, read scripture, prayed, listened to her favorite music, shared stories and told her how much we loved her and how we would be okay for she had shown us the way to joy in all circumstances.

Later that night, while I stayed with her, she peacefully went to meet her Creator, the God whom she loved and served all her life. The God whom she made sure we knew through her living. The God who was faithful to her and to whom she was faithful. The God who called her beloved and calls us beloved. I am eternally grateful for this ‘gift of time in the darkness.’

This advent season will be marked with some sadness for my family, but we will remember to celebrate the season, which she loved, for its gift to her, to us, and to all humanity. God has given us life through the birth of Jesus, a birth that came with its own challenges, but nevertheless, a ‘gift.’

A blessed advent season to you and yours,

Sandy Diaz

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  1. Thanks for this Sandy. What a great reminder of the gifts and blessings we receive in the darkness!

  2. What a beautiful, poignant tribute to your mother Sandy. You have reminded us of the importance of not only living well, but also dying well. May God comfort you and your family today and the years ahead as you cherish the memories left for all of you. 🙏🏾

  3. Thank you for sharing your deepest and heartfelt memories of your mom and your family. It is never easy, but to know she loved the Lord , It is reassuring to know she is with One who loves her in heaven as she is continued to be loved in this world. Blessings.

  4. Thank you Sandy for sharing this honor of remembrance of such special person in your beloved mother. And for reminding us all of how God is taking care of his children.

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