Advent and Gratitude

Wow…..What a year!

I can’t believe the things that have given me the most Joy during the past few months. We all were forced to make huge adjustments over the past two years. it’s so easy to get caught up in the inconveniences and losses we’ve incurred and succumb to an attitude of pessimism and negativity; (i.e., a glass that is half empty vs. a glass that is half full)

 Now that fall is here again and Advent is upon us, the following are on my gratitude list for 2021:

  • Sitting still every two or three days to watch the trees shedding their leaves 
  • Prepping and reseeding my front and back lawns 
  • Losing 15 lbs, (gained during Covid),  due to dental surgery
  • Going to Marble’s church services, in person, for 3 consecutive Sundays
  • My Zoom support groups (MWM, Marble Livestreaming, friends/family, etc.)
  • Surrender: Letting go and Letting God 

Advent is a time of transition and new beginnings.  I never would’ve have guessed that the blessings and gifts I noted above are what propel me to focus on the things most helpful to cope with the uncertainty that remains before us. I am so thankful to God in the knowledge that my journey thus far is providing me with the Hope and Grace to keep pressing on into the New Year.  

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Brenda W. Walker

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