Peace, Always

Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

Ever feel like you are on a ferris wheel and can’t get off?

I have. The ferris wheel stops and I get off. I think, ok, I’m good now. Life goes on in a positive way. But then another challenge arises and I feel like I’m back on the ferris wheel, going round and round, hoping to find a way to make it stop, so that I can step off again.

I’ve been on just such a ride this past year caring for my mother who has faced health issues. During one of my morning prayer times, a song came to mind. It’s a song I learned in my youth, “Into My Heart, Lord Jesus.” As I sang it and then listened to the rendition below, I found peace and was reminded that God is always with me, ALWAYS; sometimes I just need to invite God in again and trust, not on my own understanding, but in God!

I pray this Advent season that you are reminded that Jesus was born to give us hope and to fill us with peace, regardless of the ferris wheel we might find ourselves traveling on.

As you listen to this rendition of “Into my Heart,” rest in the promise of peace that God offers.

“Into my heart

Into my heart

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.

Come in today

Come in to stay

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.”

Sandy Diaz

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  1. I enjoyed reading uplifted message.
    With out God’s hope and peace there is no way I can make it through.

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