Mary’s Blessing for Her Little Boy

Little One I hold in my arms, may you
as a child be pulled by a puddle 
to come out in your bare feet
make a riot of water
stand in rain turning grasses to greener
you, too, are turning – a rainbow 
inside you, around you, child of promise
now fully alive in your body
blessed in its miraculous senses to see
at eye-level, hear with the ear of your heart					
taste the wet moving stream	 
of rain on your tongue			
breathe its perfume into you 
alive in your sixth sense of wonder					
bare feet planted in earth 
you are hard-wired for beauty 
come forth from waiting 
born of hope in all of its blessings
all is love, naught is duty in your being
without guile who you are, belov’d child.

By Margie Dimoplon

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