Garden of Your Mind

What are you growing
in the garden of your mind –
what do you water
nourish, feed?
Do you plant seeds of forgiveness,
of love,
or do you fertilize weeds of anger
resentment, fear?
What are you growing
in the garden of your heart?
Do you allow sunshine to reach dark pain
in the corners of your heart –
Do you allow tears to wash it clean
and nourish it –
Or do you put up fences
to keep out the feelings?
Get on your knees
grow your own food
decide what it is you want in your soil.
Know what you are cultivating
what you are growing –
a lot can grow in the garden of your body
if you let it seed
nourish it
allow it
watch it grow.

By Whitney Hess, based on a poem by William Wordsworth

Today is the last blog post for the Lenten season, but your growth and transformation do not have to end with the season. Print this poem out and make it a part of moving forward in 2021. Working on our emotional health this year is paramount as we move from pandemic closures to a more open world. What will you grow in the garden of your mind for the rest of 2021?

Thank you to all who joined our blog this year for the Lenten Journey. We hope that you were blessed by all of the voices who shared stories, pictures, journeys, prayers, songs, art, and practices from their hearts.

We will see you back here at Advent.

May the love of Christ fill your life as you nourish your soul and grow the garden that is your mind.

Marcie Doll

5 responses to “Grow”

  1. Thank you for this Lenten Blog and all its inspiration. I especially like today’s post – “Garden of Your Mind.”

  2. Beautiful poem! Thank you Marcie for all your hard work on Lent Blog! Another successful year!

  3. Marcie, I have enjoyed this blog every day and thank you for all you do to make it happen. Best to you always and thank you again for your time, talents and zest for life through your strong faith. Mary Ann Petersen

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