Lucky for me…

I’ve been through trials that gave me a lot

…of music for grieving, encouragement, hope and faith.

Lucky for me…

That I noticed that trials require seeking

…sources for leaning into grief, encouragement, hope and faith.

Lucky for me…

That I can recognize that trials can be muted by

         A word or phrase from a friend,

         A familiar or never considered scripture

         A bud in the sunlight

         A goose honking ‘get away!’

         The light on the river – night or day

         The billowing clouds racing across royal blue skies

         Something funny – a cartoon, a comment, a wry interjection.

Lucky for me…

That I believe that God is joining in always with my

         Grief, encouragement, hope and faith

         Through the words, the writings, the sunlight and rain

         Through the animal kingdom and through humanity

         Through the nurture of nature and the nature of nurture.

Lucky.  Lucky. Lucky for me.

Susan Ceely Phillips

One response to “Lucky for me…”

  1. Susan, thank you for sharing your beautiful poem (Lucky for me…) and the magnificent photo. As I walk through this day, I will try and look around me to be reminded of things that give me encouragement, hope and faith.

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