At the Dawn

Our first glimpse of reality this day – every day – is your fidelity.

We are dazzled by the ways you remains constant among us,

            in season, out of season,

            for better, for worse,

            in sickness and in health.

You are there in watchfulness as we fall asleep;

You are there in alertness when we awaken…and we are glad.

            Before the day ends, we will have occasion

                        to flag your absence in indifference…

                        but not now, not at the dawn.

            Before the day ends, we will think more than once

                        that we need a better deal from you…

                        but not now, not at the dawn.

Now, at the dawn, our eyes are fixed on you in gladness.

            We ask only that your faithfulness

                        permeate every troubled place we are able to name,

                        that your mercy

                        move against the hurts to make new,

                        that your steadfastness

                        hold firmly what is too fragile on its own.

And we begin the day in joy, in hope, and in deep gladness. Amen.

A prayer from Walter Brueggemann

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