What Would Jesus Do?

I heard in a Sunday sermon what did Jesus do every day?  Ummm.  It got me to start thinking what do I do everyday to be more like Jesus?  Lent is the special time of year that gives me pause to reflect on my life and my daily events. Will it be my usual:  being impatient in a grocery store line or wondering how I could get out of the traffic on the highway…What would Jesus do?  Should I send that email, text or make a phone call to someone lonely instead of doing something I like to do…What would Jesus do?  When someone hurts my feelings or does not respond the way I would expect…What would Jesus do

As I sat in church recently, I was moved by the music.  One of the hymns sung was Steal Away to Jesus which is a African American spiritual.  The song was about dying and getting into heaven, but it was also synonymous with the Negros escaping to freedom on the Underground Railroad.  Literally the song means to follow the teachings of Christ.  So, my original thought goes back to What would Jesus do when in an uncomfortable situation that I find myself in?  And I think I may have found my answer or at least I will try to find the solution to change.  I will stop, and not make the situation about me or look to be offended, but I will try to look at life from another’s point of view.  What is happening that I am not aware of?   I know Jesus would be patient, helpful and tolerant.  Well, I think I can escape from some of my old habits and try to remember my words of What would Jesus do?

With blessings to all in this season of Lent,

Mary Ann Petersen

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  1. Mary, thank you for this reflection… if we can step back for a moment and think about walking in other’s shoes… how much more compassion might we experience. Help us merciful God to consider this during Lent season and everyday.

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