Sitting in the Presence of God

Some of you looking at this photo might recognize where it was taken. It was taken last March, before New York City shutdown, during the Women’s Retreat at America’s Keswick. I have it on my vision board from the activity some of you might have participated in last year.  

The photo is of the small beach area at Keswick.  It depicts the sereneness and calm of the water and it’s taken during sunset.  The cloud formation to me is a bit odd, half the clouds are on the left hand side of the sky and the right side has hardly any clouds.  It seems to me it’s foreshadowing.  

Who knew what was to come in 2020?

There are empty chairs inviting you to sit in the presence of God. Feel God’s beauty and grace around you and within you.  I like to look at this photo and think I’ll be back there soon but for now I wait with God.

Shared by Joan Fagan

3 responses to “Sitting in the Presence of God”

  1. What a beautiful picture and reflection of our surrounding. Scriptor reads wait on the Lord…What a wonderful way to be with our God by being still. Be still and know that I am. Easer said than done. Be still.
    Jennifer Hylton

  2. I feel God’s presence when I am in nature and especially in the moment of a sunrise. Sunsets are so beautiful, too. Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!

  3. Than you Joan… you captured such a beautiful sunset and like you, I wait. God, while storms pass in our lives, teach me oh Lord to wait patiently and always to look to you for strength. Amen

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