Always remember…

Sometimes the voices in our heads need to be quieted and even dismissed altogether.  I have struggled with this all of my life and have learned the power and strength of saying to the voices that tell me things that aren’t true, “You’re dismissed now.  I am terminating you.  I am replacing you with other voices, other words, words that build me up rather than put me down.”  
Some of those words are the ones you see here from Winnie the Pooh.  So simple.  So child-like.  But sometimes we have to go back to the simple and child-like to reclaim the beauty and power of who we are.  
During this holy season of Lent, I pray you remember most the first two words of this quote:  Always remember…always remember…
Always remember you are loved.  Always remember you are cherished.  Always remember you are a child of God.  Always remember you are not alone.  Always remember you are braver, stronger, smarter and more loved than you might know.  Yes, you are.

Always remember…

Shared by Reverend Dr. Elise Brown, Executive Minister of Marble Collegiate Church   

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  1. Thank you Elise. This is a beautiful and perfect extension of your Lent message last night. It was wonderful to have these be the first words I read this morning!

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