The Gift of the Scarf

I have a passion for woven items, particularly scarves. I love the way they drape, protect and provide warmth when needed. 

The Bible in Exodus 35:25 honors our sister weavers:

And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands and brought that which they had spun, the blue, and the purple, the scarlet, and the linen.

It was right after Christmas; lights still sparkled in windows and doorways.  I had received a lovely scarf as a gift. Although I loved and appreciated it, I knew that I did not need it at that time.  I offered it to several family members but each one declined.  It was a cold; sleeting evening and I threw it around my neck for a quick run to the store.  When I entered into the warmth of the corner grocery, I immediately saw the lovely face of a young girl, maybe five or six.  The sleet from outside was clinging to her lightweight coat as she clung to her mother’s hand.  I could not help but notice that her delicate little neck was exposed to the elements.  I was not sure if I should; but I pushed past my self-questioning and offered the scarf to the mother for the little girl.  I told her that it was new and that I had just put it on.  The mother smiled, took the scarf, and gently wrapped it around her daughter’s neck.  The little girls face lit up in the most beautiful smile.  Whenever I picture that smile as she went back out into the sleeting night, I thank God for the opportunity to do what I believe was His work that night.  Yes, I love scarves and although I do not remember the colors or pattern of the scarf I will always remember the gift that I received from that beautiful smile and being chosen to bring some warmth to a very deserving receiver.

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