A Dialogue with Jesus…

A way to prepare in Advent– pray and meditate on all the ways that Jesus reveals Himself to us…the ways Jesus wants us to know him and open ourselves to him in a very personal and intimate ways… preparing our hearts and bringing us in a closer relationship;  becoming ready for His birth.

I come to you Lord… to ask you….

       Do you call me Lord ….     I am your brother.

 But you are not my brother

        I am your brother and I walk with you                                                                          

I am your sister

but you are not my sister..

       I am your sister..

       I am the love and beauty you have with your sister.

       I am your mother.

but you are not my mother.

        I am your mother with the all embracing love

        Call me father

but you are not my father

     I am your father because I provide

     and take care for your safety

      I am your all

you are my all

    I am your heart

 I see that now

     I am your love

 I embrace your love

       I am your breath

I breath your sprit

       I am your life

I embrace your comfort

      I am your all in all

   I am your love

             I love you.

  By Victoria Pepe  11/20

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  1. So grateful, Victoria, for this beautiful and moving piece! So grateful for your talent and wisdom.

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