An Invitation to Write for our Advent Blog

From Darkness, Together we Find the Light

We know that this Advent will be different this year, so I picked up a favorite book by Madeleine L’Engle, The Irrational Season, a book about connecting Advent seasons.  Here is a quote from the book:

“This is the irrational season.

When love blooms bright and wild.

Had Mary been filled with reason

There’d have been no room for the child.”  

In a year that has been irrational, unprecedented, and filled with all levels of feelings and emotions, we need to remember that God created light to come out of the darkness.  

This is an invitation to share your stories, poems, artwork, cherished recipe, video, music, or vignettes for our Advent Blog, where light, love, and hope shine through the darkest days of the year.  We are looking for submissions of 400 words or less this year and multisensory submissions.  If you write a poem, you can include a picture or song that goes with it to hit more than one sense.   

Please submit your blog post via email to Marcie Doll  Advent starts on November 29th, so submit as soon as you can.  Do you want help with your writing?  Please reach out to Marcie at to set up a time to work together.  

Thank you for considering this opportunity,

Marcie and the Marble Women’s Ministry

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