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Prayer List

My current prayer board in my home office is crowded, jammed, overflowing, packed, and crammed, but it is not filled.  Each week, I update the board and use it in my morning prayers.  Collectively praying for those who need our prayers each day matters.  And it helps me to have a visual prayer list.  Who is on your prayer list this week?

Pray.  Stay at home if you can. Flatten the curve.  Take care of your family and your self.  Be safe. Pray.


Shared by Marcie Doll

7 responses to “A Prayer Board”

  1. Thanks Marcie. Prayers for family, friends, strangers, those who mourn, those in healthcare and the many afflicted with COVID-19. May our holy God be with as all.

  2. Oh, yes it is a joy to see your spiritual focus, Marcie. As your mother I feel you have gifts which you are using and sharing with multitudes on this blog!

  3. I pray for my mom who is 97, and who I can’t visit. I pray for many others, too, but it is her who I worry about so much. I appreciate all those assisted living care workers who are taking care of her. Lots of prayers needed all around!

  4. Very cool adds.. thank you for sharing.. everyone be safe healthy and find wonder and joy in little things that often seem inconsequential… whether virtual or materially present or even spiritual..

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