Who needs our prayers…

This Saturday, I thought it would be important to try something new…today the post is about building a prayer wall for those who need prayer…

Click on the “Comment” button below and add your prayer.  And while you are here, lift up those on the prayer list so we can lift up those in need.

Let’s make this day a day of prayer….

6 responses to “Who needs our prayers…”

  1. Dear God of all peoples and faiths,
    I ask for your healing protection to us all who are fighting to ward off the Coronavirus. Make us love one another rather than permanently divide us from each other. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
    Thank you Marcie from Barbara Costigan.

  2. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for keeping my family and me healthy. Please help us all to help those in need with prayers, actions and love for all.

  3. May our faith, hope and love help us to find ways to aid and sustain others who do not have support at this time of challenge. We pray for people who have health issues which cause them to be fearful. Prayers for others can add light and hope to the paths they are treading. Lifting them in prayers brings us to a better place.

  4. Wonderful and loving thoughts Marcie…..much needed for all of us in every way.
    Blessings and thanks for you!

  5. I would like us to pray for those families who will have to begin to navigate closed schools, the need for the children to get breakfast and lunch consistently, and the need for the parents to continue to work to maintain a safe level of income. I would also like us to give thanks for those who are stepping up to help, e.g. schools and other agencies making sure that meals will be available for children, even while schools themselves are closed.

  6. I would like to pray for our all of our front line health care workers whose knowledge and skill will make available care to those in need. This includes our scientists and medical researchers whose expertise will benefit us all.

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