“May today there be peace within.”

On most days, that would not be an accurate description of me. Instead, this would be more apt – “May today there be striving, doing, worrying about not doing enough and scolding myself for not doing x, y or z quickly enough or well enough.”

I’m very tired of living that way and St. Therese of Lisieux’s quote awakened a desire to change, but how? How do I change a mindset that seems as immutable as my race?

I realized that I can’t change overnight. The change would be gradual and most likely non-linear and more about allowing than force of will.

With that in mind, I took a small step in the direction of peace. I have meditated off and on for the last year. More off than on if I’m being honest. But, In the last few weeks, I have made the time to meditate every day and I can feel a small difference within. Sometimes it only lasts as long as the meditation, but that’s ok. I congratulate myself for doing it that day. With each passing day, I’ve discovered that the desire to have that quiet time becomes stronger. I never thought I would say this, but it actually feels like I now crave meditation.

So, I will continue to take this small step toward peace each day and trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be and trust that one day the words, “May today there be peace within” will be an accurate description of me… on most days anyway.

Patricia Wu










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  1. Oh my gosh, Patricia, you described me to a T! I used to have a modest daily practice, read something and then take a little quiet time to pray/meditate. Somehow in the past several months I’ve gotten away from it. And, I’ve always had this “I didn’t do enough,” “I didn’t do it well enough…” drone in my head. Thanks to you, I’ve resumed in the past two days. I will work to keep at it. Thank you!!

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