Saturday Reflection…


As soon as I step into the FOREST, the green jumps into my eyes.  

And the scent of the trees and the soil.

I can feel the life

and energy

exuding from the


by Mai Tanahashi


I am hoping today that you find an opportunity to get out into nature.  Whether you take a solo walk around your neighborhood or head out on a hike, nature can heal your soul.  This wonderful guide from the UK’s National Trust titled, The Beginner’s Guide to Forest Bathing may help you to get more out of your nature walk.  The women’s ministry team will be learning about Forest Bathing today on our retreat and thought you might want to walk with us wherever you are.

Marcie Doll



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  1. Thanks for this post, Marcie! Because of it I went out with my husband for a good little walk on trails in a county park yesterday! It was refreshing to listen to the birds, leaves underfoot, even find evidence of beavers’ munchings. So much to observe and take in of God’s creation! Hope you had a fantastic retreat!

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