My Sister Maria


I was raised Catholic and never read the Bible until I joined Marble Collegiate Church.

 I have joined the one year Bible reading workshop and  am now reading Genesis. It was the Joseph and his brothers story that resonated with me and jogged my memory. The Bible will do that to you. I drew a parallel between my relationship with my sister, Maria, now deceased and Joseph’s  brothers. It has taken me my entire life to realize that she didn’t love me.  She was hurt, angry and I could have repaired any damage at the time, but  I didn’t read the signs, or  didn’t recognize them. She was never affectionate or spend time with me talking “girl talk”  and I think now that it was because I could point to my Dad  and she didn’t  even know hers. I was the apple of my father’s eye and it now is apparent that she envied and felt marginalized because of it. I certainly didn’t pay much attention.

I regret not knowing Maria . And will live with that regret: envy and hate are powerful emotions. They can be chased out with  love, understanding and prayer. I include Maria in my nightly prayers and hope that she knows how much I miss her.  As Saint Therese of Lisieux says, “May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given you.”

I pass on to you dear sisters this: Repair, Replenish relationships because it’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s what Jesus wants us to.







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