A Trail of Poetry

Over the years I have written to friends needing support and encouragement.  Learning my words helped another gave me a great feeling.

Several years ago, poetry sparked my interest and I attempted this genre.  A friend said a poetry group met at a local library.  With some trepidation, I decided to attend.  The poets have varied voices and styles; I found most are phenomenal writers.  At meetings we read our poems aloud.   Then the others in the room convey corrections and ask questions about parts of the poem.  Sometimes quiet is a response.  At first, when my poem was met with quiet, I discovered I needed thicker skin.  Listening and assessing the comments can be a catalyst for improving.  Revision is needed sometimes.

These poets are broadening, encouraging and inspiring.  My voice is my own, unique and distinct, I drive on Tuesdays to the library with anticipation.  Courage helped.  A trail can also be a leap and for me this is a choice I made in my seventies.

Meetings held with individuals having had varied life experiences–things seen and hills surmounted.  There are poems of joy and poems depicting tears.

There is acceptance and understanding of each other’s journey.

Friendships ignited and are blossoming here.

I am grateful because this trail led to enlightening my journey.


Shared by Lynn Doll

4 responses to “A Trail of Poetry”

  1. It’s wonderful that you ventured out, tried something new and discovered another satisfying means of self-expression! I appreciate the reminder that God gives us each our unique voice and experiences which can be used to benefit others!

    Have a meaningful and Jesus-centered Advent, Lynn!

    • Thank you Karen. You are one of the poets that inspire me so! Your Biblical knowledge is phenomenal and from the passages you write poems that have touched others. I believe I am learning so much from seeing your words on paper and hearing you recite as well.

  2. Thanks Lynn. I’m truly thankful for Jesus in my life! Anything He gives me that He can use to bless another is such privilege. I recently read an author who said to always be a worshipper first, and then secondarily whatever flows from that…

  3. So glad that you found our Writing Center in Vero Beach and hope to see you back here next season. Keep sharing!

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