Advent Cradle Psalms

A Litany in Three Voices

 How can this be? the question is asked.

Dear Little Babe, bidden into life, what is the pathway?

Whose permission do you ask to be born?

To whom do you sing?


Mama, may I come alive in you?

Mama, will you carry me?

Mama, will you see me through everything

that comes to me, a babe coming into the world?


No ultra-sound to show you,

no Red Cross class to teach you how to do

the deepest part of caring for the babe

you are asked to carry just beneath your heart.


Mama, will you carry me?

Mama, will you cherish me?

Mama, will you birth me in gladness to the world?


Why am I, so lowly, favored for this beauty

and this lightness that is lovely, yet so heavy

in its meaning?  Pray tell me why I am chosen

and make clear the way of waiting and trust.


Mama, will you favor me?

Mama, will you promise you will sing to me

and rock me in your arms in the beauty of the world?


Listen Maiden Everywoman

to the angel that is within you; listen while you wait

in the way of faithful patience for the promise’s fulfillment

of the one in human likeness to descend to the lowly –

to be lifted to above.


Mama, will you carry me?

Mama, will you love me?

Mama, will you birth me for the beauty of the world?


Yes, I will carry you.

Yes, I will bear you. Yes, I will receive you.

Yes, I will birth you in wonder as the mystery unfolds

in incarnation’s cradle, and for the sake of beauty

as I hold you in my heart I will send you forth as holy

in the way of birthing’s promise for the life of the world.


Shared by Margaret Dimoplon

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