Advent is Coming…Tomorrow

Welcome to the 2019 Advent Blog.  Light the candles, tomorrow is the start of the Advent Season.  

When you wake up on Christmas morning this year, how will you be different?  Advent is a season of transformation, but only if you let the spirit of Advent in your life.  Are you ready to hit the Advent Trail with us? 

The Advent Trail is our theme in 2019.

What is a trail?

A trail can be a beaten path, well-worn, steep and for many, a trail goes through rough country.   When I think of a trail, the Appalachian Trail or A.T. comes to mind first.  The Appalachian Trail in its entirety is 2,178 miles.  Wow!   It is not a journey that you can do unsupported.  And to be successful, you must get help from family, friends, fellow hikers and even strangers.

But we do not need to be on trails as long as the Appalachian Trail to make our life better…

Please join us on the Advent Trail this year and invite your friends by sharing the website for our blog,  We have added some new features this year that include a book room for some suggestions for books to read, a gift buying guide to share shops that make a difference, and an inspiration space.  And there is a prayer wall to add some prayers for family, friends or yourself.  We will all pray together.

Do not be afraid, as we are walking the Advent Trail. Together. 

Marcie Doll, Elder, Marble Collegiate Church and Curator of the Marble Women’s Ministry Blog

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  1. Thank you Marcie! Looking forward to following along this trail with you and others on the Marble Advent blog. Blessings to you!

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