Maundy Thursday


Maundy Thursday

What is Jesus dying for?

“Doesn’t anyone want to listen to my story?”

If we do listen,

If we do hear,

Our hearts break

at His sacrifice

at how disappointed

  He must be

at how our deafness binds us.

If we do listen,

If we do hear,

Grace and courage might save us.

By Susan Ceely Phillips

Published by marblewomen A group of women from Marble Collegiate Church who come together to be inspired and nurtured in our spiritual growth and to be supported through the challenges of life. Our activities include spiritually-oriented programs, small groups, community involvement, social and recreational events and our annual retreat.

2 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday

  1. Susan, thank you for this beautiful poem and photo. May my ears and heart be open today as I enter the space where Jesus ultimately gives his life all because of God’s great love for us.

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