Sometimes Heaven…



Sometimes, Heaven is right under your feet –

                  shoes off, velveteen blades

                  caressing your sole – soul.

Sometimes, Heaven hides behind your furrowed brow –

                  the right moment to crawl down your cheek

                  in a single tear into the light of day.

Sometimes, Heaven floats on the gentle currents above –

that shelter

the treachery of the undertow below.

Sometimes, Heaven hammers at the door of miscommunication –

clambering for and scrambling with truth.

Sometimes, Heaven soars.

Sometimes, Heaven screeches.

Sometimes, Heaven caresses your cheek.

Sometimes, Heaven slams you against the wall.

But, sometimes – sometimes –

Heaven is just that.


Shared by Susan Ceely Phillips

Published by marblewomen A group of women from Marble Collegiate Church who come together to be inspired and nurtured in our spiritual growth and to be supported through the challenges of life. Our activities include spiritually-oriented programs, small groups, community involvement, social and recreational events and our annual retreat.

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