The Storm before the Calm

Sky Picture

I took this picture very early on Monday morning.  As I was parking my car on 128th Street in Harlem, I had a moment to catch this beautiful sky.  The wind was very strong and it was tossing these leafless branches back and forth.  Looking past the branches were dark clouds, but behind it there was a glimmer of sunlight even at this early hour.

As an educator at a big city school in Harlem, New York,  Mondays can sometimes seem daunting.   Overwhelming in fact, as I think about all that I need to accomplish to ensure the students in my school feel loved, cared for, and learn.

This picture reminded me of how we face our daily challenges or should face our challenges.  Just like the branches, we need to remain strong,  because we know that these challenges and giant to do lists shall pass. Light will take over our darkness.  All we need to have in our heart are patience and faith in God.

Sitting in my car, I witnessed this beautiful scene, on a regular Monday morning and it renewed my faith that I can tackle anything that comes my way.

Shared by Gloria Cheng

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  1. Thank you Gloria for reminding us to not just look beyond the clouds on what might be a storming day, but in our own lives remembering that the source of light, God, is always near.

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