The Sweetest Memory of My Childhood


I recently saw this  blackboard in El Barrio aka Spanish Harlem full of sweets that I grew up eating.  Oh, how it reminded me of all my sweet memories of Easter Sunday as a child.  New clothes, sweets and Sunday worship.   If you’ve had a slice of Tres Leches you know what I mean.

Do you have a sweet memory of your childhood?  Feel free to comment on the blog.

Shared by Carmen Mattias

Our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico are still suffering after the hurricanes that hit the island in 2017.  Our sister organization, Intersections International is focused on providing support for vital services and faith-based disaster relief for Puerto Rico.  Click here to learn more about this organization and how you might be able to help:  Intersections International

There is a beautiful poem on the site from Chuk Abasi, the resident artist at Intersections International.  Click here to read:  A poem called “Sun on the Village: A Poem for Puerto Rico”


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