God Just Wants us to Love Each Other

Rome 2

On a recent trip to Italy, I was moved by what I saw at the St. Ignatius or Sant’ignazio di Loyola in Rome.  The church is an impressive Baroque style church, but it was the work of Vincenzo Pandolfi (1905-2005) that really moved me.  In the picture above, there is a replica of many churches of many religions in a circle with one central church in the center.   Pandolfi built this wooden monument over the course of 28 years.

“UT UNUM SINT” (“So that they will be one”)

“The artistic work demonstrates all the creative artistic skills and competence of the author; it also constitutes the cradle of the dialogue between religions, imagining the end of all the wars to reach the Universal Peace.”

And you cannot help thinking about Universal Peace and how all of the religions need to be talking with one another.  And when you visit a place like this, to find such a moving installation of hope and peace.  I pray for this every day…..

Shared by Bonny Chopey

2 responses to “God Just Wants us to Love Each Other”

  1. Thank you Bonny for this beautiful picture and reminder of living in peace with one another. I pray for peace, “and let it begin with me.”

  2. This photograph of one man’s hope and labor portraying his fervent desire to work toward peace holds meaning for all people. Our world would be a better place using our faith and understanding. This inspiring piece of all the churches, temples and mosques together is a magnificent work of art.

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