Tea with Nana


I am sure you have one of those pictures that you wished was better.  My Mom has her eyes closed, the photographer left her thumb in the picture, my sister would have rather been in pants, it is a bit blurry, and I wished I weighed a bit less.  And Nana might not be happy up in heaven about the wheelchair shot….

I cannot seem to find another picture of this event, so here it is…

Sometimes we need to settle, as it is one of those days that I do not want to forget, a special birthday celebration with my Nana.  She is no longer with us.

I am not sure what birthday it was, but it was a 90 and something birthday.  We went to a teahouse and enjoyed savory and sweet treats and laughed a lot.  We were a small group and Nana was surrounded by the women in her life who looked up to her, were raised by her, learned to bake with her, took care of her, and just loved her.

Four generations of women from our family at that tea and three in this picture.

My name is Marcelle Elizabeth, I am the sister of Meredith Lynne, I am the daughter of Marcelle Evelyn, the granddaughter of Marcella, the great-granddaughter of Katrina, and so on….

While her life spanned almost 100 years, the legacy of Nana lives on in all she loved from her baking skills, to her love of the theater and opera, her music (I think she loved ABBA best and would have loved to hear her great granddaughters sing along to Fernando), her faith, her fashion sense and her love of travel….

Love you always Nana!

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2 responses to “Tea with Nana”

  1. The picture sounds more genuine, precisely because it isn’t perfect. The love of you all for each other is absolutely untouched by any of the supposed imperfections. Love is only strengthened and made more visible by the truth and naturalness of the people experiencing it. (there is a lesson in that somewhere:)

  2. If only every grandchild can have the lovely memories you shared with your nana. I love the photo and you all are shining with her while she smiles down from heaven!

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