Hope on the Coldest of Days…

Chicago Hotel

It was a bitterly cold winter night when I finished work.  As I cleared my desk, my phone pinged and I cringed.  This new app kept me apprised of all news events – which were never good – and I had no idea how to stifle it.  But this time was different.  The story of a miracle waited for me, “On one of the coldest days in Chicago history, someone put 70 homeless people up in a hotel.”

Finding this hard to believe, I researched the story on my computer.  To my utter amazement, the facts checked out!  I found myself taking a photo of the headline and texting it to 20 of my nearest-and-dearest, all of whom excitedly responded.

This is hope.  At first we’re afraid to believe, but then our hearts open and we are called to share the good news.  May we all find hope on this path to Easter.

Shared by Jessica Scovel

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