God’s wonderful love being narrated through songs by his children…


Understandably, we are in Lent season. However, if there was no birth of our Christ, there would have been no Lent to celebrate. Therefore, I thought this photograph puts us in the right frame of mind of the joy experienced at our Lord’s birth.

This is a family of three children that I encountered playing the steel band as I walked on the along the 14th Street station on a cold day two days before Christmas to catch the L train.  I witnessed the joy and what these children were trying to offer to their spectators. They were playing favorite and popular Christmas carols bringing the message of Christmas. The rhythm, the songs and how they connected to each other drew a large crowd. I could see the joy in the faces of those watching and attempting to sing along. I was slow to move on but I had to in order to catch my train to get home from a long day outdoors.

I say to all: Joy for Christmas, Welcome Lent! Another opportunity to step back from our everyday work and chores to take a healthy look at ourselves and embrace God’s true love and grace!

Shared by Agatha Pratt

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