It is Good to Rest




I pass this sculpture every time I head down to the Labyrinth Room to teach my class. It’s the Flight into Egypt, of course: the Holy Family taking a rest during their escape from a tyrant’s deadly paranoia. Not a pleasure trip.

But look at Mary’s face. Everyone in the family is asleep, heads tucked down — even the donkey! Mary is exhausted, too, but her face is uplifted: serene and even happy, despite the danger she has just escaped and the grueling journey ahead.

They are refugees, Mary and Joseph and their baby. It is so hard to be a refugee.  You are so tired.  It is so good to rest.

Shared by Reverend Barbara Crafton


2 responses to “It is Good to Rest”

  1. As you I love this sculpture and it was a favorite of Page Browns. However I must confess I never realized some of the details, even donkey resting with head tucked down, Mary exhausted but radiant with head facing upward. Thank you for pointing these special details out which makes it even more meaningful!


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Barbara. It is, indeed, good to rest. I have been feeling this lately and I must find time to rest and renew myself.

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