My Lent Starts out a bit Blurry….


My camera just would not focus and I was really frustrated.  A viscious storm had just passed and I stepped outside of the restaurant that I had taken shelter in to take a few pictures.  Sometimes the most beautiful sunsets appear after the most violent of storms.  Right?

This picture is of a blurry sunset in the French Quarter of New Orleans in February, 2017.  Mardi Gras was a week away and the city was bustling with energy, revelry and a bit of mischief.

The magnificent sunset of pinks and fuchsia are in the background and an old style gas lampost is in the front left.  And for some reason, the branch is in focus.  You can see the outlines of the old buildings, but you just cannot make them out.

This picture really represents me at the beginning of Lent, well most years.  My life is a bit blurry and I need to spend more time focusing on what is important.  And because Lent is a set period towards the cross, I am taken on a journey of self-discovery.

My prayer today is to use this Lenten Season to focus on what is important, those I love and care about, finding my way through the wilderness, be more mindful, and to walk towards the light.  It is my opportunty for spirtual renewal.  

Share by Marcie Doll, the Curator of the Marble Women’s Ministry Blogs and Elder at Marble Collegiate Church

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  1. What a great analogy Marcie! My life is in a blur right now too. To focus on what is important during lent is what you’ve reminded me to do again!
    Thank you-

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