Lent Begins Tomorrow…

x2camswhquqspsdjhsxcda.jpgHappy Mardi Gras Day!  Happy Fat Tuesday!

Here is the King Cake that I brought to a party last week.  A round brioche-like marvel with cream cheese frosting and sprinkling sugar in yellow, purple and green.  Pure decadence….

Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday.  We will be praying with our cameras this Lent.  Forty days of pictures that mean something and we hope that you take your cell phones out and go back and look at the pictures you have taken.

  1.  Why did we take this picture?
  2.  Who or what brings meaning to our lives?
  3.  Our spiritual journey is oftentimes a bit curvy, can we use this Lent to straighten our paths?

All people have a unique way to see and experience the world, but collectively, we have so much in common.  It is time for us to share our inward and outward journeys simultaneously.

Here is our call to action.  This blog has been a special place for so many, but will you share this with people in your life that need a lift this Lent?  Here is how to share:

  • You can forward this message by clicking the share button and your friends can follow.
  • You can share this on Facebook or Twitter too.  Just click the buttons.
  • Make comments on the blog posts to enhance the experience for all.
  • Like pages.

It is time for all of us to share more light with our friends and families this Lent and our blog is meant to inspire.

The Marble Women’s Ministry Team and the curator, Marcie Doll.







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