Back to the Beginning

There is something about a newborn child that is awe-inspiring, and I think it is because we see a baby as a bundle of limitless potential. We see an innocence that is untouched by brokenness, a naiveté that is untainted by hardship, a peace that is unsullied by conflict. When we look at a precious infant, the slate is clean and the future is unlimited. I think this is why Christmas stirs such hope within us. It is a time when we return to the manger and glimpse the newborn Jesus.  And as we do, we are invited to return to the beginning, when everything is again possible.

Mary experienced this as she contemplated the possibility of giving birth to Jesus. Initially, the realities of life had left her with jaded expectations. In her mind there was no way she would be giving birth to a child any time soon, let alone to the one who would be called the Son of God. As she struggled with this, she received a divine word from above, “For nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37). By embracing this, her life would forever change, and so too would the world.

I know for many of us the realities of life have left us with jaded expectations. It is hard for us to envision that things can change… that we can change. My hope for us is that as we enter Advent, a season of expectation, it moves us back to the beginning, the place where hope is born.  And may we all embrace the divine word from above, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Dr. Michael Bos
Senior Minister, Marble Collegiate Church

This is the first Advent Season for Dr. Bos, as our Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church.  Joining a long line of distinguished Ministers at one of America’s oldest churches.  If you are looking to take a deeper dive after Advent into your spiritual journey, please head to our sermon archives found here:  Webcast Archives on Marble Collegiate Church.

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