Unexpected Moment of Grace in Advent

During the Advent Season, we oftentimes are in such a rush to get the next item on our list completed, we do not make time for the people who are helping us in the grocery store, the bank and other locations.

The other day I was chatting with a new teller at our bank.  We were just talking and I asked if she had finished her Christmas shopping.  She took a moment to answer.

She said she really doesn’t do much Christmas shopping because she wants to leave her heart and mind focused on and open for the coming birth of Jesus.  I looked her and said wow you got that so right. As I walked out I said prayer thanking God for that “God wink” and reminder as to what this beautiful Advent Season is really all about.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of moment of grace during the Advent Season this year?  It is the last weekend of the season and I am hoping that we all can say a few nice words to the helpers in our lives and maybe we might get a thoughtful response that can inspire for a long time….

Shared by Bonny Chopey

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