Faith: Transformed by Grace

Years ago, I worked at a major media print company.   Unbeknownst to me, the company was about to go through their own transformation.   It meant downsizing and my department was their way of reaching their bottom line.

It was a glorious summer day,  and when I got to work I was immediately told by an embarrassed VP that my position as Editorial Manager was going to be eliminated and folded into another area. It was a swift punch in the stomach. I composed myself, smiled and said I understood. I fled his office holding back bitter, hot tears . The minute I hit the pavement the Tsunami began.  What does a mature woman do in this circumstance? She goes to the nail salon. Sitting getting my nails done before heading home gave me the chance to silently confer with God. It was my way regaining composure.

My mantra: when the going gets tough, the tough get their nails done.

What to do?  My young daughter had just broken her wrist and was in a cast. My husband was headed down under to do a major film and his “15 minutes of fame” awaited.  And I  was unemployed facing a long hot summer. Misery, anger and fear loomed large.  I arrived home still overwhelmed and at the front door of my apartment, “Faith: Transformed by Grace” kicked in. I walked in all smiles and had a very needed glass of wine.

The next day I waited with my husband, holding my daughter’s good hand for the  car to pick him up. I waved and  smiled.  I felt composure. I had put others need  before my own and felt good about it.  My silent  prayer at the nail salon gave me the strength and grace to put others first and I am happy I did.

Of course, I had many trips to the nail salon in my future. It took me two years to get another job in media. But that’s another story.  Remember you never know when Grace will come calling.

It happened for me at the nail salon.

Shared by Carmen Matias

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