Giving Up +Making a Difference=Love

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day–what an interesting combination day!  It is all about Love after all!  Happy Love Day All!

Ash Wednesday, the first day of the forty-day journey called Lent.  A time where many people fast, give something up, do daily devotions, journal regularly, or focus on doing good deeds and making an impact in their communities.

The world needs to see our light each and everyday.  We seem to be surrounded by so much negativity through the news, social media, and even in our daily interactions and conversations.  This lent, I am going to find opportunities to bring more people together, but that does mean I need to give something up that is bringing me down.   What is holding you back from sharing your light? For me it is obvious.

What am I giving up?

Political News. Yes, I am going to fast from political news.  I am a news junkie.  Pretty difficult for me to fast in this area, but I know without the negativity, I will be able to share more of my light.

Here is what I am going to eliminate:

  1.  No 24-hour news channels.  (No CNN, Fox, or MSNBC)
  2.  No Sunday political shows.
  3.  Limit my Facebook and Twitter use.
  4.  No clicking the political news and videos on FB.
  5.  Turn off the notifications of all news outlets on my phone and iPad except for one (just in case I need to know about an upcoming storm or something important).
  6.  Talk Radio is NOT OK.  I am fasting from this area completely.

What is allowed during Lent?

  1.  CBS Saturday and Sunday Morning (as long as I DVR them and fast forward the political stuff).
  2.  Instagram is OK.
  3.  One daily newspaper.
  4.  Local News for a half-hour a day.
  5.  Books are OK.
  6.  Podcasts and TED talks are OK.
  7.  Music Radio stations are OK.
  8.  No weekday morning news.

You can already tell, I had to clearly define what is allowed and not allowed this Lent.  It will help me to be more self-disciplined.  And I think by shutting this divisive news off, I will be able to be more positive and share more light.

But, I am from the camp that giving up is not the only thing you should do.

How am I making a difference this Lent?  I will explore this a bit more in the coming weeks.  But one idea I saw on Facebook this week was to have a garbage bag in your closet and each of the 40 days, you should put something in it to donate.  You know you have that gently used outfit that no longer fits or fits your lifestyle, but someone might need it.  And I try to find a local place to donate, as the items will stay in my community.

One easy way to make a difference this Lent, but surely more to come…

Please feel free to share your ideas in our comment section, as we would love to hear what you are doing to make this Lenten Season different.

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