Day 19: A Light in The World

Shared by Guirlaine Belizaire

What does it take
to be A Light in the World,
to accept the sacred invitation
to truly make flesh The Word?

A sprawling, often lonely,
that will inevitably
the removal of all human
There’s no hiding,
only faithfully abiding;
Seeing the world
expanding consciousness to foreign
such as loving all brothers
One will need to forgive,
to always relieve grievances.
No space for judgment and blame,
for pettiness and thoughts criminally insane.
Only the remembrance that we are all
the same.

A formidable call
to be A Light in The World,
to sow seeds of peace
in the Minds of the All.
Not for the faint-hearted, this role.
Indeed, many flounder and fall,
the ones who think themselves insignificant
and very small,
who know not how
to stand erect and tall.

Much is given to A Light in the World.
This path, once chosen,
One does not walk alone.
Vision, wisdom and extraordinary might,
all bequeathed to A Light,
all needed to keep up the human fight
that rages
within and without
day and night.

Christmas Montage



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