Day 9: I am, Who I am!

I embrace who I am and where I am. Sometimes I am in the valley, and sometimes I am on the mountain top. It does not quite matter where I am at the age of 53. Because the verse “Be still and know that I am God…” KJV, Psalm 46:10, goes with me every where. I accept me and I am able to voice my thoughts and concerns. It is an on going project to accept myself, and I do. I have let go. I have held on. And I have gone backwards in order to make gains going forward.
These are some of the things I have found to be helpful to me:
To get rid of physical clutter, I will pick a spot in a room. Then, I will decide if I want to keep it or get rid of the item. If I can not decide, I will hide the item in another part of the house that is not visible to me or to anyone that comes to visit. I have so many hiding places, only I know of. I also invite friends or family over for dinner or lunch, and this allows me to make a quick sweep to get my home ready. Then we can have a good time with each other ‘s company. This action allows me to open my home so that others will feel welcome and relaxed the way my friend Don did for me.
Mental clutter is another issue for me in regard to personal, family, or work matters. To relieve the stress, I find that some form of exercise works for me: walking home from work, playing tennis, going biking, or going swimming. In addition, preparing for the next day, and  getting a good night sleep.
When I just cannot decide what to say or do I just stay still. Whether it is to take a nap, read the bible, read a book, crochet, or knit. I just have me time.
Stand, Donnie McClure in
Let go, Chandler Rule

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  1. A message that speaks to me. I have to live everything to the Creator for guidance as I walk the journey that I want to be directed by Him only.

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