Day 8: Reaching Out

Recently as I was leaving Marble’s coffee gathering at the Loft, an attentive Marble member approached me and asked me if I  was ok. She said she noticed I was having difficulty walking.. I said it was a muscle spasms combined with Sciatica and I would be fine. She said she would lift me in prayer and would check in with me the following week.  I limped away grateful that she cared and let me know it.

This conversation sparked a dormant memory from long  ago. I was visiting my daughter at Farm & Wilderness, a Quaker camp in Vermont. The campers and visitors were sitting in a circle in the field talking and enjoying good conversation. I looked across from me and saw a young woman whose face looked sad and in turmoil. I walked across the circle and sat next to her and asked what was she thinking about. And how could I be of help? She was stunned and took a long moment to look at me and said “Oh, I was just thinking about ending all tonight”. How did you know? I didn’t but her face was a distress signal.  I saw it and responded. We walked and talked and she started to feel better. A least that was the feeling I got; . I never saw her again and I hope she didn’t “end it all”. I only know that I saw something and said something. It’s not always easy to approach people but it’s always worth a try.

In Holy boldness I suggest that we take a  moment to connect with each other. See one another and say something.  Or just smile…a smile is also saying something.

Shared by a Member of the Women’s Ministry Team

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