Day 2: Pray

allow God
to show you
His Way,
His Plan,
His Hand.
There’s no need
for you to understand.
Simply surrender
to The Will
of your Creator,
The One who sees
far and wide.
What, then,
is a better guide
to how one lives and thrives
on this journey
Twists and turns,
scars and burns,
new lessons
constantly re-learned.
Such is the stuff
of a Life,
that crooked path of a spirit made flesh.
And so, we humbly relent,
look up, only to the sky
for consistent help.
Do only what He says.

By Guirlaine Belizaire

Published by marblewomen A group of women from Marble Collegiate Church who come together to be inspired and nurtured in our spiritual growth and to be supported through the challenges of life. Our activities include spiritually-oriented programs, small groups, community involvement, social and recreational events and our annual retreat.

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