Celebrating #GivingTuesday

In just a few days Advent will start, but the Marble Women’s Ministry wanted to share a special remembrance reminding us about how important it is to give of our time, our gifts, and our treasure this Advent season.

Everyone has a different meaning of what Christmas means to them.  We are bombarded with messages for buying during the Christmas season.  Buy for this person, buy for that person.  The thing is that person probably has all or almost all of what they really need.

How much time do we spend as a person, co-workers, families and friends helping others during the holiday season?  Do we donate gift cards for foster children at the https://www.nyfoundling.org/donate/ ? Do we think of elderly people without family who would love a holiday meal?

I remember a particular sermon by Dr. Caliandro, the Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church from 1984 to 2009, in which he remembered receiving a Christmas card from I believe the then CEO of the Salvation Army.  The front of the card in big, bold letters said Others and inside the card was empty.  He said it was the most powerful message and reminder he received that season.

This Advent let’s embrace, help, and assist “Others.”  We can make a difference, together.  

We have added a few places in our blog menu to help you find volunteer opportunities and meaningful ways to give this season and beyond the season too!  Right above our blog post is a menu where you can get ideas.  Check out the Volunteer Opportunities and Meaningful Gift Giving.

  1. Did you know that most Meals on Wheels volunteers are aging out and they need to find new volunteers to deliver these life-saving meals?
  2. Marble Collegiate Church has an Action Committee that put together a Volunteer Guide to help you find the right place to volunteer and be a superstar volunteer too.  Click on “Volunteer Opportunities.”
  3. Many opportunities to volunteer do not require you to go anyplace.

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  1. We can be grateful in so many ways – giving of our gifts in material, financial and physical form. God has truly blessed each one of us and we show our gratitude by letting Him know how thankful we are. So, we give!

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