The Grateful 100

The Grateful 100 is a spiritual practice I started fifteen years ago when I felt overwhelmed by the busyness and commitments of my life. I was worn out and fatigued with too many important things on my to-do list. I hardly made time for God and became frazzled because of it. So, I decided I was intentionally going to write down any and everything I was grateful for whenever I began to feel ungrateful or agitated by my day. I wrote very “stream of consciousness”, not over thinking anything I was writing about. It was random and uncensored, my own in-the-moment gratitude list.

Today I am grateful for…the sky, my bike, snow days and tasty cookies, my friendships, my furry hat, my time with God, the life of my beautiful cat, being healthy, having an amazing family… Over time, this regular practice allowed me to see the glass as always half full instead of near empty. I saw specialness in simple things and the consistent grace God continued to show me. All these years later, I still do this practice regularly and find its benefits, invaluable.

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3 thoughts on “The Grateful 100

  1. Marcia, what a wonderful practice to begin today as we again receive the new born Christ in our hearts. We are indeed blessed with friends like you.

  2. This is the season to dig a bit deeper and seek a fuller relationship with our God! Thank you ladies!

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