Sunset…glowing, scarlet, golden,

dying in the West,

Mountains soaring, amber purple fire–topped on their crest;

Tree-trops swaying,

lacey, outlined,

Nodding in the breeze,

Rivers gliding, quiet, noble, flowing to the seas;

Soft winds resting, warmly scented,

Blowing here and there,

Echoes signing, faintly dying,

Fading in the air;

Twilight deepening, starlit heavens,

Shining far above,

God’s hand-stretching, kindly, gently,

Blessing us with love.

 By Jane Hart   

From the Yearbook of Holy Angels School in 1933

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I have enjoyed working for over 20 years in the education and publishing spaces creating accessible learning environments for all students. My teaching experiences led me into supporting schools in need of improvement and creating and delivering professional development to teachers and leaders. And then I moved into selling educational materials, programs, technology, and services. Most recently, I have been developing content for innovative learning programs in K-12 and museum spaces. For the past 17 years serving on the board of the Collegiate Corporation, I have led initiatives in women's leadership, stewardship, development, virtual strategy, and educational programs for youth and families. Outside of the learning and non-profit spaces, I enjoy blogging about faith and inspiring women. I have a passion for travel, where you might find me exploring national parks, museums, and finding the best local restaurant to eat. I capture my adventures digitally with my camera. My photography has appeared in exhibitions throughout Europe and Australia in 2019 and 2020, on television in the United States, and was chosen from over 100,000 entries to appear in a well-known photography magazine.

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