I Wonder What She Saw

Sweet Mary in the straw
I wonder what she saw
There in the matchless depths
Of the eyes of God,
As she scanned her baby’s face
This Son of God’s own grace,
With all the promise of Heaven’s awe
I wonder what she saw.

I wonder if she glimpsed Heaven
With God’s own face enshrined,
Of all the glories of the homeland
Which he had left behind
To come and dwell with mortal men,
Such as those bedded in the straw…
Humble souls like hers and Joseph’s
I wonder what she saw.

Could she have glimpsed the simple life
With painful days of loss?
Could she have glimpsed the terrible end…
A vision of his cross?
Could she have seen the many miracles
Those baby hands one day would bless,
Of those velvet little ears which would
Hear sinners’ pleas confessed?

Sweet Mary in the stable’s straw
Where shepherds came to kneel,
She pondered all the wonders told,
But I wonder how she could feel
The little head of God pressed
Against her in the straw…
And I wonder as she gazed into his eyes
And He into hers…just what Mary saw.

God with us – a miracle moment in time…
A whimper?
Or a wail?
From mother?
From son?
Painfully human?
Or painlessly divine?
Shivering in the cold of night?
Or basking in the glow of Heaven and Earth colliding?
You came to us, a tiny babe,
Through Father god, Mother Love,
and a guiding hand from an earthly father.
You came to walk through our days
And stayed – our holy Immanuel.

By Wanda C. Hilyer

About this Christian Poet:
I am a Christian Chaplain from Northwestern Pennsylvania. I am mostly a grief-bereavment minister, and chaplain at our local nursing home. I also work with elementary children each Wednesday at a Bible club. I met Jesus when I was 9 years old, and He has seen me thru many years of life, many sorrows and losses, many disappointments…and many exhilarating worship experiences of deep joy. It is a great blessing, and a most wonderful adventure to serve the Living God. I am deeply humbled that He cared enough to send Jesus–and that God loved me enough to forgive my sins and accept me as one of His children. I have always been a writer, and have returned what talents He gave back to His service. May He be praised!

Shared by Susan Ceely Philips

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  1. Hi.
    Thanks for posting my ‘share’.
    There are two poems here.

    The first one is by Ms. Hilyer.
    The one that began with “Immanuel ” was one that I wrote.

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