He Comes, He Awakens, He Lives

Each year we can depend on the arrival of Advent.
That time of the year when many of us are either jolted
Or gently transported into a season of awe and wonder
Of an event so spectacular and surreal that it defies reason.
But we do not need to wrestle with reason
Because as Christians we know that this is the gift we have been promised.
The gift of grace the gift of hope
And most assuredly, the gift of non-discriminating love.
As Advent creeps onto the scene,
Fresh from its dormancy we are awakened by its call.
Thanksgiving celebrations brought our hearts alive
Acknowledging all for which we are thankful.
And for me in the midst of my thanks was a bursting anticipation
And sincere thanks for that which was about to come.
The season of Advent is now here – it is now afoot with a marked presence.
May we rest in the mystery and the miracle.

By Susanah Wade

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  1. Such a deep reflection on the miracle of Advent. You capture its grace so beautifully. Thank you, Susannah!

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