My Favorite Time of the Year

Fall is my favorite season. Fall represents a time for reflection, renewal, birth and spiritual centeredness for me. When the leaves on our trees begin to change colors and fall, hibernation starts to settle in. I begin to reflect on the year that is about to end. All of my hopes, dreams and aspirations that may or may not have occurred; unforeseen blessings that did occur; family and friends that I’ve lost as well as new friends and family I have gained.

That is what the Advent Season is about. The continuum of Life and the celebration of God’s everlasting Grace. Hope remains Alive, even though there are tremendous messes that surround us.  Possibilities are still within reach.

I love the Christmas season. Christmas, not for the consumerism that surrounds us, but for the optimism our Savior’s birth represents. Christmas is “a new day, a new beginning”.

Whatever my life circumstances are during Christmas time, I am grateful that God rekindles my hopefulness. And most importantly, he is with me on each step I take on my spiritual journey for the coming year.

Brenda Walker

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I have enjoyed working for over 20 years in the education and publishing spaces creating accessible learning environments for all students. My teaching experiences led me into supporting schools in need of improvement and creating and delivering professional development to teachers and leaders. And then I moved into selling educational materials, programs, technology, and services. Most recently, I have been developing content for innovative learning programs in K-12 and museum spaces. For the past 17 years serving on the board of the Collegiate Corporation, I have led initiatives in women's leadership, stewardship, development, virtual strategy, and educational programs for youth and families. Outside of the learning and non-profit spaces, I enjoy blogging about faith and inspiring women. I have a passion for travel, where you might find me exploring national parks, museums, and finding the best local restaurant to eat. I capture my adventures digitally with my camera. My photography has appeared in exhibitions throughout Europe and Australia in 2019 and 2020, on television in the United States, and was chosen from over 100,000 entries to appear in a well-known photography magazine.

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  1. Thanks, Brendam, for reminding us that goodness is always present no matter what painful circumstances surround us.

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