Black Friday.
Small Business Saturday.
Cyber Monday.
Giving Tuesday.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, the kickoff day for the charitable side of the Advent Season and a reminder that it is better to give than to receive.  When I think of Giving Tuesday, I think about my gifts of time, treasure, talent, and love.  And it all started with my parents setting an example for me with charity, often done anonymously.

I started to pull together my list for what organizations I would be supporting on Giving Tuesday this year in October and the budget that I would have this year, as I knew my resources may be a bit limited because of an upcoming move.  Here are two organizations that I will be supporting:

  1. Kiva: Loans that Change Lives  I would search for 4 loans supporting women in developing countries with their education.
  2. LitWorld: Be the Story  I love this organization, as the HerStory Campaign helps girls around the world improve their literacy skills and share their stories.  They are committed to the village model, where by educating a woman, you educate the entire village.  By amplifying the story of women in 25 countries, the organization is influencing policy to support the development and support of women.  Her Voice. Our Future.
  3. Marble Collegiate Church’s Giving Catalog  This year, Marble Collegiate Church’s Outreach and Action Committees put together a catalog of giving options, so that people could give tangible gifts to organizations providing services.    One of the groups that Marble has a relationship with, the Center for Hearing and Communication has a list of needs from a $25 gift to provide batteries for hearing aids or $120 to build ear molds for hearing aids for infants.

Some years, I did not have a great deal to give, so I thought about the ways I could give back.  You could give blood, plan some good deeds, sign up to be come an organ donor, or find a way to spread kindness.

Giving Tuesday is just the beginning…where can I get inspiration throughout the year about charity and philanthropic work?

The Wall Street Journal’s Profiles in Giving and The Christian Science Monitor’s Take Action are two places that I look to for giving inspiration.  I love reading stories about how others give and share their gifts in the community.

Inspiring More Women to Take up Engineering

I will be using this “Giving Tuesday” to refocus my efforts in how I give my time, treasure, talent, and love.  Will you join me?


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  1. Thank you for including gifts that are free, such as giving blood. It usually takes less than 45 minutes, the pinch of the needle might hurt for just a second, but the lives you can help save with one pint of blood are three. Happy ‘Giving Tuesday.’

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