Day 20 of Advent: Angels, our Heavenly Messengers

Angels played an important role in the Christmas story.  May the quotes, stories, scripture, and songs of Angels welcome you, lighten your burdens, and guide you along your Advent journey today.

An angel can illumine the thought
and mind of man by strengthening the power
of vision, and by bringing within his reach songs of 
truth which the angel himself contemplates.  
St. Thomas Aquinas

The Earth is to the Sun
What man is to the Angels.
Victor Hugo

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:2

Of all earthly music
that which reaches the farthest
into heaven is the beating
of a truly loving heart.
Henry Ward Beecher

When He came there was no light.
When He left, there was no darkness.
Martin Luther

One response to “Day 20 of Advent: Angels, our Heavenly Messengers”

  1. Remembering that angels are -like the presence of Jesus – always with us keeps us close and aware that we are never alone. I believe that when each of us follows the gentle prompting of Spirit, we are led us to be present for someone else and in so doing, we too become angels.

    The listening, watching and waiting for the Christ Child during this Advent season allows us to be especially receptive to Spirit’s whisper of our angel assignments.

    We may believe that we just had a “notion” to sit next to someone; to call a friend or someone with whom we were out of touch; say good morning to a beleaguered-looking commuter; gently smile at a sad-faced passerby; give a hand of help to a Christmas shopping, overwhelmed mom/dad, struggling with packages and children or buy a meal for a homeless person.
    Actually, these acts did not originate from us, they were our “angel assignments”, to tend to those who were in need at just the right time. We may never know how deeply our actions impacted them and indeed we may completely forget that we did anything”unusual”.
    But remember one day, we too will be the recipient of an angel assignment, when we least expect.

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